F-22 RC Crash Testing

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If you are an intermediate to advanced RC pilot, we have PDF plans of this Vectoring Thrust Depron F-22 here: http://www.rcpowers.com/PDFplans.htm Thanks alot to Scott Lott for the professional PDF work! This plane is a larger stronger version of our 2007 F-22 kit. Its has a all depron nose that is super strong. Holds up to crashes much better than expected, I am very happy with how this one turned out. See the above link for more info on this plane. Yes, I know it looks like we are a couple of dopes crashing a beautiful jet, but here is what we are testing: 1) Stability at slow, medium, and high speeds 2) Wing Loading 3) Maneuverability 4) Thrust Vectoring 5) And the most fun, crash testing to expose any weak spots so they can be strengthened. Also, we like to see just how far we can push it and still have it actually fly. A tremendous amount of data is gained for present and future projects when an aircraft is pushed to and past its limits. I'll post part 2 here when its up next weekend.............. What happens is just amazing and is a new record for even us. For now, if you have time, here is a couple of our old videos from 2006/2007 of some flight testing of our original F-22 project. Prototype 1 (M-1) We are experimenting with the very fist thrust vectoring jet: http://www.rcsuperpowers.com/videos/F-22_Model1.wmv Prototype 3 (M-3) Here we are experimenting with the smoke bombs we used for the final YouTube video. Its just amazing how it went from what you see in these 2 videos to the final video and what it all took to get there: http://www.rcsuperpowers.com/videos/F-22_Model3.wmv Final video of the 2007 F-22 kit (M-4 and M-5 were used in this video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JRybDfCLYc
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