Emirates 777-9X RC Airplane Airliner Build Part-6 [4K]
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Emirates 777-9X RC Airplane Airliner Build Part-6 [4K]


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Hi RC Airliner fans! Chris Aka DemonDriver here! and I wanted to share My new 13 foot long Emirates Boeing 777-9X Build Part-6
In this video I show you how I use Lite-weight Spackle from Red Devil on the nose and tail sections of my new Giant 13 foot Long 777-9X.

The Dimensions of my new 777-9X is:
13 Foot Long Fuse 156 Inches
Wingspan is 11.50 Feet 138 Inches
fuse width is 12.50 inches
Powered by 2 120mm EDF fan units
with 2 150 Amp ESC's
with 2 6-8 Cell Lipos 22-29 Volt lipos.
Part-3 will be in Jan 2018

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