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Smoke EL presenting the electrical smoke devices for RC models at the International Model Airshow at Weston Park 2018

Model data of airplane #1:
Extra 33 SC (35%)
Wingspan: 2.62 m
Weight: 16 Kg
Engine: Plettenberg Predator30/6
Propeller: RASA 27x13
Kit: Krill

Model data of airplane #2:
Eurosport Ultimate
Wingspan: 1.7 m
Weight: 17 Kg
Turbine: Frank Turbine Raptor FT 180 Light

The Smoke-EL can easily be used on just one free RC channel. Through this channel you can switch the smoke on and off during flight. The smoke will start and end without time-lag.

Our patented evaporator technology in our smoke devices guarantee maximum smoke with minimal oil and power usage. Each evaporator uses only 50-60ml smoke oil per minute. Power consumption strongly depends on smoke output, but usually is about 1000mAh. The needed electrical energy can be generated with LiPo batteries containing 6 to 12 cells. The smoke device can be fed power directly from the main power unit, since the controlling device (the SmokeDriver) constantly supervises the voltage of the battery pack. The smoke device will automatically shut off before the batteries are completely discharged to leave enough battery power to safely land the model.
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