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Crash - Paraglider lose control


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I was too low.
I panicked.
I am lucky, alive and well.

Full de-briefing here:

1. I was too low to throw the Twisted Helico to Sat.

2. My Helico was wobbling (un-axed), witch I think did’nt help.

3. When I got 1 turn twist I went for the exit by braking the opposite side of the sat but got twisted even more, which surprised me.

4. I gave up the opposite brake, I don't know why (I think I wanted to grab the lines above the twist, but it was a big mistake). NEVER GIVE UP YOUR BRAKES. ALWAYS FOCUS ON CONTROLING THE WING. I realized I would go in inversion so I tried to get my opposite brake back but went into tumbling.

5. I lost my vision for a brief moment (very high G-Force) = loss of control and I knew the trees were not far. I panicked.

6. So I threw my first reserve upward, went directly into the wing. FAIL

7. Second reserve: same. FAIL

8. I was evaluating my situation, do I try to pull out the first or second reserve out of the wing?

9. The trees were too close.

10. Impact.

11. I got knocked out in the face by the tree.

12. My brain was shooked inside my head, I was seeing troubled for a moment.

13. Came back to my senses, hurt as F***, and angry at myself.

14. Friends called me and helped my get down from the tree.

15. My equipement is intact.

16. Did’nt go to hospital. It took me a couple days (5-6) to stop having a hurtful headache and get my equilibrium back.

17. I am alive and well but tired of risking my life for nothing.

18. Acro does’nt pay my rent and nobody will pay my bills if I get in a hospital bed for the rest of my life.

19. I’m still getting my equipment in order.

20. I will fly acro again but not these crazy twisted maneuvers, it’s been too many close-calls I get from them.

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