Cheap RC Car 6-Channel and Gyro Radio ... Any Good? Testing the Tamiya Super Levant & DumboRC X-6!

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Starting the revitalization of the fastest Tamiya RC Car ever made ... with perhaps the cheapest 6-Channel Transmitter and Gyro Receiver ever made ... Here's the Tamiya Super Levant XB Brushless coupled up with a test of the DumboRC X-6 from Banggood.

The Dumbo X-6 was kindly provided by Banggood, free for review and tests. You can check out the price, specifications and pictures here:

As shown in the video, it is also available as a cheaper 4-channel without the Gyro (DumboRC X-4):

Banggood Double 11:

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Tamiya LEVANT XB & SUPER LEVANT XB shared specifications:
- Hard Plastic Bathtub Type Frame
- Polycarbonate body
- Drivetrain: Longitudinally Placed Motor Shaft-Driven Full-Time 4WD
- Length: 430 mm
- Width: 296 mm
- V-pattern block tires with inner sponges
- Tire Width/Diameter (F/R): 50/110 mm
- Front and Rear 3-bevel Differential Gears
- 3-Piece Steering Tie-Rod
- 4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension
- CVA Oil Dampers
- Full Ball Bearings
- Metal Motor Mount
- Metal shaft and gears
- 27 Mhz 2-ch Transmitter/Receiver
- Analog servo
- TBLM-01 Brushless Sensorless Motor
- TBLE-01 Bruhsless Sensorless ESC
- Requires 8 x R6/AA/UM3 Batteries for Transmitter (not included outside Japan)
- Requires battery pack and charger for Car (not included outside Japan)

Tamiya LEVANT XB specifications:
- Released in Spring 2009
- Item No: 57789 (1/10 Expert Built Series No.89)
- Only available as an XB model (Expert Built/RTR)
- Chassis: TB-01
- Body: Dual Hunter Redesign
- Height: 162 mm
- Wheelbase: 280 mm
- Tread (F/R): 245 mm
- 10-spoke chrome plated wheels
- Gear Ratio=11.44:1
- ADSPEC GP 27 Mhz AM 2-ch Transmitter
- TBLM-01 16T Brushless Sensorless Motor

Tamiya SUPER LEVANT XB specifications:
- Released in Fall 2009
- Item No: 57796 (1/10 Expert Built Series No.96)
- Only available as an XB model (Expert Built/RTR)
- Chassis: Super Levant
- Body: Super Levant
- Height: 151 mm
- Wheelbase: 303 mm
- Tread: Front 245 mm, Rear 247 mm
- 5-spoke chrome plated wheels
- Slipper Clutch
- Gear Ratio=10.74:1
- FINESPEC TTU-05 27 Mhz FM 2-ch Transmitter
- TBLM-01 8T Brushless Sensorless Motor

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These videos also include much more information and personal thoughts about the releases. You can find many more videos with the Tamiya Levant (including GPS speed runs in 4K) in my channel and more coming up with both the Levant and Super Levant.

#NordicRCVisions Statement:
This video features homemade footage of my own radio-controlled unit, the #Tamiya #SuperLevant XB (Tamiya model 57796) from 2009, and the #DumboX6 sent for review from #Banggood, all from my personal RC model collection. All rights reserved.
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