Cerdanya Jets 2018 - Giant Scale Mirage 2000 by Jose Pereira - HD 50fps

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Another amazing flight display of a giant-scale Dassault Mirage 2000 model aircraft with missile pods by Jose Pereira (Aviation Design kit I presume). The pilot performs a beautiful and smooth flight with this monster of a model fighter jet. :)

Cerdanya Jets is an international R/C jet meeting organized in Catalonia, in the historical region of the eastern Pyrenees commonly known as 'La Cerdanya'.

The event gathered 76 pilots from all over Europe, including France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland, and amounted to over 100 aircraft.

Official site of the meeting:

BTW, this video was shot using two different cameras; a Lumix GX7 with software stabilization added on post-processing and a Sony AX53 camcorder with gimbal-stabilized optics, and no post-stabilization whatsoever. Color and sharpness haven't been modified either, so this clip kind of serves as a camera comparison as well.

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