Breaking the 'World's Best Cheap RC Car' on the Second Run! (WLToys 12428 4x4 1/12 Rock Racer Test!)

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Is the WLToys 12428 really the 'Best Cheap RC Car' available ...? Maybe. Nevertheless, things didn't exactly go as planned with today's video and the second run of this particular WLToys 12428 ...

Maybe I was just unlucky? Or maybe it broke due to bad air control and poor landings from my side ... Probably both. I have definitely seen this one take much more abuse and absorb much worse landings, than from these small jumps on a tiny little ramp on nice soft grass ... and maybe the most fun one can have with this RC car is to go off roading, trailing and rock racing, not jumping ... So maybe the 12438 really is the best cheap RC Car available? Or maybe it's entirely up to the person driving it and owning it to decide if it is the best or not ... for her/him ... What do you think?

The WLToys 12428 was kindly provided by Tomtop, free for review and tests. You can check it out and buy it here:

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This really was planned as a pure slow motion video, with jumps and the first autumn leaves, and a 2S LiPo test as a little icing on the cake. It's been a while since I broke anything with my little ramp and landings in the soft grass. Granted, I need to practice some air control, but with the bumpy lawn and a tiny ramp, all my concentration is usually focused on hitting that little ramp with full speed ... and since it is a very small ramp, things do not fly long enough for me to shift the focus afterwards.

I'm sure you could do it, but not me. Besides that, this top heavy RC Car with non-oil-filled 'shocks' do not really make the way for controlled landing on grass. But I definitely need a larger/wider ramp, or two besides each other, or better yet, I need to set some time off to build one or two wide grass/dirt jumps so I can start practicing some air control.

Nevertheless, as mentioned above, I have seen this WLToys 12438 take far worse landings as a champ, so I was a little surprised it broke here. Stay tuned for a repair ... or some drive shaft upgrades?

Oh, and the guest star of today is the Tamiya Grasshopper II. Nothing really brakes when running a 2WD with a 380 motor and 2S LiPo on grass.

WLToys 12428 Specifications (from Tomtop):
Brand: WLToys
Model: 12428
Scale: 1/12
Motor: 540 brushed motor
Transmission ratio: 1:9.12
Remote control frequency: 2.4G
Remote control distance: ≥ 100m
Top speed: 50km/h
Radio battery: 4 * AA battery (not included)
RC car battery: 7.4V 1500mAh lithium battery
Charging time: About 3h
Use time: 10min
Servo: 25g servo
Car shell material: PVC
Ground clearance: 40mm
Wheelbase: 253mm
Wheel diameter: 93mm
Wheel width: 32mm
Car size: 380(L) * 225(W) * 180(H)mm
Weight: 1989g

#NordicRCVisions Statement:
This video features homemade footage of my own #RcCar unit, the #WLToys #WLToys12428, send to me personally by #Tomtop for review. All rights reserved.
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