Bix3 RC Plane (Bixler 3) - Great Beginner RC Planes Ep5 2020

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#RCPlaneJ2RC - How to fly RC Planes for Beginners? In this flight, I have done some RC Aerobatic Maneuvers like Loop and Roll with the BIX3, great Beginner RC Plane... amazing response! Come with us on a training flight with the BIX3 / Bixler 3 RC Planes... And, simultaneously, we will try to share our experiences... Please, leave your questions and tips for all of us in the comments! Thank you!

Manual Flight using Taranis RC. The flight was in conditions of some wind! Flight filmed in Angola! Let's go forward! Regards

There are some essential things involved in flying RC Planes... In these videos series, we will try to share with you some fundamental and best tips about our hobby! What can I tell the new pilots flying RC Plane? You really want to focus on the main wing. Our goal is to keep the RC Plane flying at a stable height.

Topics of these series:

- How To Fly RC Planes For Beginners?
- How do you fly an RC Plane for the first time?
- What RC Plane is best for beginners?
- What is the best beginner RC Plane?
- How do RC Planes work?
- Are RC Planes hard to fly?
- How do you take off a RC Plane?
- How do you land a RC Plane?
- How to do RC Plane Basic Aerobatics?

BIX3 or Bixler 3 RC Planes from Hobbyking, are a great beginner RC Planes... The sale of BIX3 has been discontinued, but you can buy its improved twin brother, the Bixler 3 Glider HobbyKing...

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Bix3 RC Plane (Bixler 3) - My first RC Aerobatic Maneuvers Ep5 2020 topics:

- How to do RC Plane Basic Aerobatics?

Bix3 RC Plane is the ultimate training airplane and FPV platform. The Bix3 RC Plane is the biggest, most versatile, and complete version of its family lineage. Another great option is his brother, the Bixler 3

The Bixler 3 PNF Plane is a plug-and-fly model requiring a radio system and battery.

The motor has been updated to a 2620-1400KV Brushless Outrunner for more efficient flight times. Pair the Bixler 3 with a 2200mAh 3S 20C lipoly battery, as well as a 4GHz 6CH transmitter and receiver for optimum flying.

HobbyKing Bix3 or the Bixler 3 come with removable landing gear, plywood FPV tray, plastic belly skid, and optional flaps, you can customize your Bix3 exactly how you want it.

Looking for the perfect trainer? The HobbyKing Bix3 or the Bixler 3 RC Planes are it.

The HobbyKing Bix3 or the Bixler 3 include the large battery area that can accept a wide variety of battery sizes or house FPV equipment, plus the they also comes with optional flaps.

The larger wing, flaps & much larger canopy area mean that the HobbyKing Bix3 or the Bixler 3 are a much more versatile airplane in terms of FPV use and for pilots who are simply flying for fun.

Let's go forward ...

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