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IS THIS THE FIRST TIME YOU HAVE SEEN an RC 6x6 WITH AiR RIDE SUSPENSION?! I knew as soon as I installed the Capo Racing Airmatic Air Ride Suspension system into my JK Max, that I was determined that I was was going to install this into my Optimus Overkill! But, after closer inspection - this was not going to work.. as Optimus is VERY custom..and was designed to be at a certain ride height. SO, my option was to get it into BIG RED! His geometry will allow me to raise and lower the truck without too much issue with the drive shafts. Now, BIG RED can belly drag.. or Lift High Above. GREAT for MUDDING!

I said I would leave an affiliate link to the tires I use on this truck, so here it is: ROCK CRUSHER TIRES XT 2.2 :
This item works with: Axial AX-10 Ridgecrest Crawler, SCX-10 Scale Truck, Wraith 4WD Rock Racer RTR, XR10 Crawler.. and more.

With the CAPO RACING Airmatic system.. I can now adjust my ride height on the go. Im still working out a few kinks in the front.. but I think I just need to work in the new rubber.. haha! Thats what she said.

The whole system consists of a main engine and four airbags, which are connected by a silicone air pipe and controlled by a four-channel remote control. Separately
1: Group A intake (two suspensions) are independently controlled;
2: Group B intake (two suspensions) are independently controlled;
3: Synchronous control of the whole vehicle intake (four suspensions);
4: Full vehicle deflation (four suspensions) synchronous control.

Among them, the mechanical intake adjustment that controls the four-wheel level as a group (front and rear or left and right optional),

The main unit is a miniature air compressor, with a check valve integrated and a bleed valve. The suspension is also made of metal, with built-in air bladder and a cylinder that is damped by suspension oil.

Check out MORE CAPO RACING PRODUCT on their FACEBOOK PAGE: They have some pretty amazing stuff.. but you have to contact them through that site.

The Servo I am using is a MKS X6 HBL599 Brushless Titanium Gear High Torque Digital Servo‎.
It is a serious trailing servo, and it is one of the most powerful servos in the world. Be prepared, it costs a lot of money... but its what I use on this truck. You can get one on Amazon here:

Ideal for 1/10 monster truck, 1/8 truck and buggy and 1/5 scale applications
Ultra torque, incredible efficiency, and low power consumption
Smoother, faster, more efficient for top level performance
Chrome-Titanium gears for precision and durability
.11 / 416.62 oz-in @6.0V and .08 / 583.27 oz-in @ 8.2V!

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