Beginner Park Jet flying series maiden flight of the RC Powers Mig29 V1


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Flight video of my maiden (well actually re maiden after having a battery problem) of my RC Powers Mig-29 V1 built during my step by step beginner build series.

It required a pretty good amount of right trim in the roll, but perhaps after the hinges and everything get a few more flights in them, I will zero the trims and ensure all the control surfaces are still at neutral with zero trim.

I shot this video awhile back that gives a very detailed explanation of the process I go through with all new planes to determine the best balance point, dial in the throws, etc.

I was pretty happy with the 30% expo with this transmitter, the travel in the pitch seems OK, as I progress along, I might add a bit more throw to the roll portion of the elevons to allow for quicker, crisper rolls.

For more details on the build and links to the step by step video build series, please go to this blog post

More videos to come as we progress along in the flying series :)

Thanks for watching!

Blue skies and calm winds to everyone!

Park Jet noise...the "other" sound of freedom :)


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