ALL HobbyKing RC Models, Reviewed - ☕ RC Coffee Chat #190 (Fixed Wing, Flying Wings etc...)

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Howdy, in this weeks RC coffee chat we have a special on for you, just like we did with Banggood, this week we'll be going through every single RC model on the HobbyKing site here FULL details below, Press SHOW MORE to see them, Matt

All views expressed in this episode are that of my own, that of a fellow RC pilot. HobbyKing have NOT sponsored NOR endorse this video.

I'll most likely annoy HobbyKing with my views on models, however keep that in the back of your mind, we are discussing models here, not the company itself and "I don't accept freebies for review".

Topics / Links from this Week's RC Coffee Chat

The HobbyKing site, all models sorted by price ascending.

Quickly before we get started, these two models are now on pre-sale/released:

Reptile Swallow-670 S670 -

ZOHD Dart -

Also the motor that is on the backend of the SonicModel F1 wing, that is this one "Racerstar 2216 2000KV" -

The previously recorded review of +100 RC models on Banggood

GOOD HobbyKing Models

HobbyKing have many, many good RC models, these are a few worthy of special note:

AXN Floater Jet -
- This is the model I learned to fly with. I still own it now!

Bonsai Flying Wing -
- Amazing fun

Teksumo Flying Wing -
- Just as much fun as a Bonsai

BAD HobbyKing Models

There is only one so far and this is the worst wing I have ever come across, never, ever waste your money on this utter POS.

Combat/Slope Soaring Wing Kit -

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