AeroSky Midget Mustang RC Plane

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www.nitroplanes.com (red) www.nitroplanes.com (Blue) www.nitroplanes.com (Kit Blue) www.nitroplanes.com (kit red) Despite of the large size, the Midget Mustang is surprisingly lightweight and fast. AeroSky as the industry leader has done it again and provided us with a scale Midget Mustang airplane. Powerful, beautiful, and durable, it is perfect for both intermediate and advanced pilots. With its cutting edge and beautiful modern design you will be able to impress anyone at the field whether if it is with some cool maneuvers or just basic sport flying, Midget Mustang captures the attention of everyone who sees it up the sky. The package comes with detailed assembly instructions so you can quickly get your new plane up in the sky.
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