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Buy this drone here - https://goo.gl/4G47aL
Buy the EPIK here - https://goo.gl/ERfG7h
This price point for GPS drones didn't used to even exist, and if it did, it was a joke of a camera drone. You used to have to spend at least $300 to get something of decent quality and even then it was really rare to find something solid. Now, we've got our hands on the Helifar B3 drone, basically a replica of the EPIK drone by JJRC JJPRO and honestly, it's a home run! We could compare it to drones like the DJI Spark or the Mavic but that wouldn't be fair at all! To find something with a GPS that works well, brushless motors, longer than a ten minute flight time, solid camera quality, and an app that is reliable is very exciting! Let us know what you guys think in the comments below, we'd love to hear from you! Happy Flying and thank you to our Patreon supporters!

Buy this drone here - https://goo.gl/4G47aL
Buy the EPIK here - https://goo.gl/ERfG7h
EPIK with 2 Batteries - https://goo.gl/ovRfv2

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