45cc 4wd Rovan RC Radio Control Baja Buggy Nitrous Run


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Modified 45cc 4wd Rovan Baja Buggy

RB Innovations nitrous system that is using a size 8 jet and a customised pressure control system. In this run the pressure is set to a lower amount of nitrous, with the plan to slowly increase the pressure over tests.
Nitrous is armed via the 3rd channel output, which switches a off/on switch which is wired in series with a wide open throttle switch.
At the start of the video you can see the nitrous being tested be engaging the wide open throttle switch, inturn increasing the RPM.

Buggy is running a Zenoah clutch with a DDM 9500rpm spring.

RB Innovations Hyper Charger.

Custom machined alloy air filter spacer.

Rear mounted wheel stand bar.

Testing on a custom built dyno.

Stay tuned! Any suggestions please leave a comment!
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