✨ 22 in 1 Simulater RC USB FMS Flight Simulator Cable for G7/ G6 G5.5 G5 5.0 RC Transmitter helicop

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➨ https://ag.aliego.xyz/item/Simulater-RC-USB-FMS-Flight-Simulator-Cable-for-G7-G6-G5-5-G5-5-0/32792030802 ➨ 22 in 1 Simulater RC USB FMS Flight Simulator Cable for G7/ G6 G5.5 G5 5.0 RC Transmitter helicopte
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1. G7.0 one key installation, equipped with Realflight G5.5/G6.5 (the only serial number). Support on-line upgrading.

2. 5.0 supports on-line upgrading.

3 Radio support:. Support the main radio control on the market (JR, FUTABA, ESKY etc.)

4 Language:. Chinese and English

5 Installing Environment:. XP, Windows7 (32 bits, 64bits), Windows8, Vista

6 Hardware support:

NewG7.0, G6.5, G6 ... G2

New 5.0M Phoenix 2.0version

XTR, FMS, Aerofly

Kindly Remark for Installation:

1. Make sure that your remoter can support PPM mode

2. Firstly try to find the "autorun" icon in CD, this is quick installation guide.

3. Before run any program, pls install the "DirectX9.0" in CD.

4. Run the "simulator console" as administrator in CD, and change to different program more easily and conveniently, or change the switch of USB simulator-four slid switch for your choose.

1. 27418829-E1-5140106092

2. 22850737-E2-3850104361

3. 78396652-E3-7440103834

4. 13144997-E4-6630107326

5. 78779710-E5-8790101628

6. 67920032-E6-7880104031

7. 90638630-E7-7730148192

8. 64658044-E8-1910121237

9 35589764-H1-0040109905

10 49778064-A1-0040109998

Package included :

100% Brand New

1x USB simulator (with switch, switchable)

1x Square adapter cable

1x Round adapter cable

1x Mini din adapter cable

1x Audio cable 1.5m (3.5mm jack to jack plug)

1 x Simulator software DVD

Suitable forWfly,JR, FUTABA, Walkera, Flysky, Radiolink, KDS and so on ( if the transmitter have the simulation function, you could choose the simulator, just need to confirm the transfer plug

Language: Chinese, English, you could choose

Installation Environment: windows 2000, ME, windows7(32 bits, 64 bits), windows 98, Vista, XP)

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